With your washer, you might notice a little noise or shaking when it tumbles, but that shaking shouldn’t be happening in your dryer. The truth is, the banging and clanging you hear inside your Whirlpool dryer aren’t normal. It’s a signal that something is wrong. Call a whirlpool dryer repair service without delays as soon as you notice them.

In our experience, the most common causes of strange noises in a dryer are:

1. Broken Dryer Belt

The belt may have become brittle and broken if your dryer is older. Newer models don’t require a belt to start, but if yours isn’t working, you’ll likely notice loud noises as soon as you turn on the machine.
First, check for a broken belt when you look inside the dryer. If it’s broken, don’t try to fix it yourself.

2. Blower Wheel Failure

A blower wheel is a metal wheel that rotates on the blower shaft, aerating the hot air and releasing it into your home. If you see a broken or cracked blower wheel, it indicates that the bearings might be damaged. That can cause a loud rumbling or clicking sound when the machine is running.

3. Drum Bearing Failure

When the dryer drum is turning, you can hear a grinding or grating sound. You might even see small bits of dust or lint on the surface of the bearings. Like a blower wheel, they’re metal components that wear out over time and need to be replaced regularly.

4. Loose Fan Blade

The fan blade is attached to the front of the drum pulling air in from the outside to help the dryer heat up quicker. When a fan blade is loose, it can cause a loud rattling or banging sound when you start your machine. This is a common problem for Whirlpool dryers of all ages.

5. Loose Drum Bottom

When your dryer may make strange noises if the drum bottom is loose or not positioned correctly on top of its mounting points, contact the professionals immediately if your dryer is making unusual sounds and you haven’t been able to pinpoint a cause.

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